Our Work http://encore-realty.com/?sebig=valutahandel-avanza&506=f1 valutahandel avanza Protect. Restore. Educate.


Our unique Monterey pine forest is under threat. Likewise our creeks are being pushed beyond their ability to support a healthy environment. We work to restore these essential resources.


Since 1988, we have worked with state and federal agencies, other organizations and individuals to protect, enhance and restore critical ecological systems in and around Cambria.

Critical Issues

Fire and water. Two of the basic elements. Because we live in a dry, drought-prone environment, for us they are always at the forefront, from policies to everyday decisions.

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Believing that a picture is worth a thousand words, we've assembled a selection of photos of ongoing projects and some from our completed projects. They show how much we've accomplished. But our work is never done. We celebrate our successes as we take on new challenges.

Ways To Support Us

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